Walid Elmohandes SCUBA Qualificaitons

fb_img_1475924384194Special Credentials

  • Dive master 1997
  • Open Water Scuba Instructor 21 Feb 2001
  • Master Scuba Diver Instructor 01 Aug 2001
  • IDC Staff Instructor 23 Jul 2001
  • Master Instructor 24 June 2003
  • Emergency First Responder Instructor 04 May 2003.

Additional Credentials

Additional Credentials Process Date
Peak Performance Buoyancy 13-Mar-2001
Project Aware 13-Mar-2001
Deep 05-Jul-2001
Drift 05-Jul-2001
Multilevel Diver 05-Jul-2001
Underwater Naturalist 05-Jul-2001
Night Diver 05-Jul-2001
Underwater Photographer 05-Jul-2001
Wreck 05-Jul-2001
AWARE Coral Reef Conservation Specialty 21-Jul-2001
Enriched Air Diver 14-May-2002
Boat 04-Dec-2002
Search & Recovery 02-May-2003
Underwater Videographer 02-May-2003
Underwater Navigator 15-Mar-2004
Tec Rec Deep 12-Jun-2003

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