Let your child discover the delights of SCUBA diving with our specially designed SCUBA experience.  Children from the age of eight can safely enjoy SCUBA diving in a playful environment in the shallow area of the swimming pool.  Our Instructor will closely supervise your child on a one to one basis; encouraging their confidence and their natural ability to play.  They will soon be breathing underwater with ease, swimming and practicing basic SCUBA skills. Read more..

Seal Team

Once your child has taken their first breaths and blown bubbles underwater, they will want to join up for our fun PADI program ‘Seal Team’.  This program consists of several sessions with a variety of ‘Seal Team’ Missions. In this closely supervised playful environment your children will become ‘water’ confident, they will learn team building skills, co-ordination and how to safely use SCUBA equipment.  It’s the perfect way to introduce your child to SCUBA in a fun, friendly and safe environment. Read more..

Discover SCUBA Diving

Not everyone wants to commit to a full PADI Open Water Diving course.  H2O and PADI understand this and therefore offer the Discover SCUBA Diving experience in the warm shallow water of the Woerglerwasserwelt’s swimming pool.  This program is a half day program, where you will have an introduction into diving closely supervised by one of our PADI Professional Instructors.

We are confident that you will love it, and that is why you can use this program experience as a credit towards the PADI SCUBA Diver or PADI Open Water Diver certificates. Read more..


PADI – The Professional Association of Diving Instructors make all of their courses modular, this means you can learn to dive at your own pace, without losing credits if you decide or need to take a break. The PADI SCUBA Diver course covers the first three theory sessions, plus three swimming pool skill sessions known as ‘confined water training’ and has two open water dives.

The two open water dives is where you will practice what you have learnt in the pool. H2O offer a variety of packages; to complete the dives in the warm waters of the Red Sea at either Sharm el Sheikh or Marsa Allam or in Tyrol in the summer months.  At the end of the SCUBA Diver course you will be qualified to dive to a depth of 12m with a PADI Professional.

Junior SCUBA Diver courses are also available Read more..

Open Water Diver

This course is the original ‘learn to dive’ course.  You can sign up for the complete course, or opt to complete the open water dives at one of our holiday destinations.   This fun and interactive course gives you five theory sessions, five swimming pool confined water sessions, followed by four open water dives.  On completion you will be qualified to plan your dives, dive as a buddy pair (although we recommend using a professional dive guide) and dive to a maximum of 18 metres.  This qualification is a life-time certificate. Read more..

Junior Open Water Diver courses are also available

Open Water Diver Referral

This is H2O’s ultimate diving course as we believe you get the best out of both worlds.  Learn the five theory sessions, complete the skill sessions in our swimming pool at the week-ends and then fly off to warm waters on a diving holiday to complete your four open water dives. Alternatively we can refer you to one of our partner PADI Professional Dive Centres to complete.  Just imagine qualifying as an Open Water SCUBA Diver in the Red Sea surrounded by amazing marine life – that’s why we call it our ultimate option.

SCUBA Reviews

If you have dived in the past and are a qualified diver but haven’t immersed yourself for a while – don’t worry H2O can offer you a SCUBA review course to get you back in your gear and under the water.  Our team will revise the theory with you and go over the skills you learnt before.  SCUBA diving is like cycling – you will easily get back into blowing bubbles and then why not reward yourself and book one of our luxury liveaboard trips on the M. Y. Juliet and test out your reviewed skills. Read more..

Adventure Diver

Diving is all about discovery and adventure.  After you have qualified as an Open Water Diver you can advance your skills with a number of different speciality dives.  Sign up for three dives, by completing the easy knowledge review and the open water dive with your Instructor and you will gain the title of Adventure Diver. Read more..

Advanced Open Water Diver

If you love water as much as we do, you will probably have been bitten by the SCUBA diving bug by now.  There is so much to see and do underwater and so many different disciplines of diving.  The Advanced Open Water Diver course will give you an insight into these methods.  There are two core dives; deep and navigation and then an option for three more dives of your choice. Read more..

Junior Advanced Open Water Diver courses are also available

Speciality Courses

H2O offer a number of speciality courses which you can sign up for as a qualified Open Water Diver and Advanced Open Water Diver.  Most of these courses are between two and four dives with a little bit of fun theory.  Some of the best speciality courses are best completed in the Red Sea, however Altitude Diver can of course be completed here in the Alps.

Rescue Diver

Take the next step and become a PADI Rescue Diver.  This course although it has a serious subject is really great fun.  You will learn various method of self-rescue and how to rescue conscious and unconscious divers.  It is a rewarding courses especially when you have completed the final scenario which puts all your new skills to test. Read more..

Emergency First Response

This course is great for all the family divers and non-divers alike.  Learn how to respond to a medical emergency and learn essential lifesaving skills on land.  This course covers CPR and First Aid.  You must complete this course or have a recognised alternative certificate before you can become a PADI Rescue Diver. Read more..

Master SCUBA Diver

This is the highest level of certificate as a recreational SCUBA diver.  To achieve this level you must have reached Rescue Diver and have at least five specialty certificates. Read more..


If you hang around the H2O team you will probably hear the expression ‘living the dream’.  That’s the dream of becoming a PADI Professional and being able to work in wonderful diving destinations like Sharm el Sheikh and Marsa Allam.  This is the first level of professional dive course, it can be completed as an internship and requires dedication from the student in perfecting their diving skills to demonstration standard and completing the required practical and theory exams. Read more..

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